Our offer

We offer a low-​carbon and high-​calorie with different parameters according to customer demand.


Coke is a car­bon with a thick­ness of 0 – 20 mm, 0 – 25 mm. Offered by us is a prod­uct of coal was highly caloric, con­tain­ing no arti­fi­cial addi­tives that increase weight. It allows for sun­bathing in most fur­naces designed for solid fuel heat­ing.

Hard Coal

Peas and beans II coal grains of size 20 – 45 mm and 25 – 50 mm, 8 – 25 mm and 15 – 25 mm. Peas offered by us is a prod­uct with a low sul­fur con­tent, reduc­ing the harm­ful impact on the envi­ron­ment. The main advan­tages of our peas, such that it is an extremely attrac­tive mate­r­ial for use in domes­tic and indus­trial fur­naces, is its high calorific value and com­pet­i­tive price. Para­me­ters II peas and peas are offered by BBJ as well as oper­a­tional para­me­ters Coal.


Eco-​coal is a refined prod­uct of coal grain size ratio of 8 – 25 mm and 15 – 25 mm, so it can be used in boil­ers, retort, and other types of boil­ers with auto­matic feed­ing of fuel.


Wal­nut and wal­nut II is also imported by the BBJ from Rus­sia and Ukraine coal hav­ing a grain size of 40 – 80 mm and 50 – 90 mm​ and 25 – 50 mm. This type of car­bon is usu­ally used in the Pol­ish coal used for heat­ing by all types of fur­naces.


Lump is coal hav­ing a diam­e­ter of 60 to 200 mm high energy prop­er­ties. Large sizes cause this type of car­bon lower than in the case of fine coal or pea adding to the fur­nace. As with our other prod­ucts offered by BBJ lump has a low sul­fur con­tent and a high calorific value, which causes less dam­age to the envi­ron­ment dur­ing combustion.

Unsorted Coal

Car­bon unsorted has excep­tion­ally good per­for­mance such as low sul­fur con­tent, high calorific value, which is par­tic­u­larly attrac­tive. The price of this type of coal per­fectly reflected in the size of the grains.


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